Controlled Rate Freezer FZ-1000


  • Controlled Rate Freezer
  • Cryopreservation System
  • LN-2 Free to -80°C
  • Low maintenance
  • Small Footprint – Portable
  • Flexible Applications
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Formerly known as the CRF-80, this system can be effectively used to cryopreserve cells to -80°C in preparation for low temperature studies or long term storage. The use of liquid Nitrogen is eliminated and so is the need to refill the system with it and the opportunity for cross contamination.

The compact 8.5 x 12.5 inch footprint frees up more bench space without sacrificing any cryopreservation capabilities. A standard 120V outlet and a laptop interface are all that is needed to operate this Controlled Rate Freezer. Size efficiency translates to mobility for this system as well. Weighing in at below 35 lbs. the FZ-1000 can be easily transported from lab to lab and even into the field.

Each freeze block is customized to the customers’ individual vials to ensure a snug fit and optimize consistent heat transfer aross the sample cells and media. A number of a customer’s vials will be requested for Manufacturing’s accurate measurement and in turn improved performance.

Most cryopreservation protocols require a -1°C/minute freezing rate. The FZ-1000 can achieve up to a -5°C/minute freezing rate with the correct configuration. The intuitive software interface allows researchers to adjust the freezing rate throughout the total freezing profile per their experimental needs. A projection of target rates and checkpoints can be displayed and reviewed on a time vs. temperature graph before cryopreservation commences.

Data reports are automatically produced after each freeze protocol. A PDF Report is generated to show the freezing profile of the 3 embedded temperature sensors within the unit and sample vial. An Excel file with raw data from the sensors is captured every 6 seconds and immediately generated as well. These record keeping features can help to organize and qualify different batches of cryopreserved samples.


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