Publications Citing the use of Strex Cell Pressurizing System

The Strex Cell Pressurizing System has been widely recognized and utilized in numerous scientific research studies. Its exceptional capabilities and reliable performance have made it a valuable tool for researchers worldwide. Here are publications that highlight the effectiveness of the Strex Cell Pressurizing System in various research fields.


Beneficial and Detrimental Pressure-Related Effects on Inner Neurons in the Adult Porcine In Vitro Retina.
Svare, F., & Ghosh, F.
(2023).  Translational Vision Science & Technology, 12(2), 19-19.


Biphasic effect of mechanical stress on lymphocyte activation.
Yassouf, M. Y., Zhang, X., Huang, Z., Zhai, D., Sekiya, R., Kawabata, T., & Li, T. S.
(2022).  Journal of Cellular Physiology, 237(2), 1521-1531.


Mechanical stress accompanied with nuclear rotation is involved in the dormant state of mouse oocytes.
Nagamatsu, G., Shimamoto, S., Hamazaki, N., Nishimura, Y., & Hayashi, K.
(2019).  Science Advances, 5(6), eaav9960.

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