CytoSAVER: Controlled-Rate Freezer

Reliable, Safe, and Efficient Freezing Without Liquid Nitrogen

Freeze your valuable samples down at controlled rates to ultra-low temperatures without the hassle and expense of liquid nitrogen or dry ice. Get feedback on the temperature of your samples in real time and with intuitive temperature reports. Cut down on downtime between freeze cycles to maximize your sample freezing throughput. 

Achieve consistent and efficient cryopreservation down to -80 °C to ensure the integrity and viability of your stem cells, immune cells, blood samples, and vaccines with the compact CytoSAVER Controlled-Rate Freezer, the cryopreservation expert’s partner in research.

The CytoSAVER is great for cGMP applications. Ask for CytoSAVER models that comply with FDA Title 21, CFR Part 11. IQ/OQ and validation are available upon request as well.

Liquid Nitrogen-Free

Preserve your samples in a controlled and sterile environment. CytoSAVER is ideal for use in clean rooms and isolators being LN2-free and lightweight-compact design.

Effortless Control

Program your desired freezing pattern and generate a PDF report with the built-in touch panel, giving you complete control and visibility throughout the cryopreservation process.

Efficient Workflow

Minimize downtime between cycles with CytoSAVER’s built-in heater, ensuring the frozen plate returns to room temperature in under 40 minutes*. Freeze more samples in less time and optimize your research workflow.

* Time may vary depending on the model and other factors.

Experience the benefits of liquid nitrogen-free cryopreservation with the CytoSAVER controlled-rate system. Contact us now to find out how you can enhance the quality and consistency of your research results.

Get real-time updates on your cryopreservation with the intuitive temperature graph.

Export comprehensive PDF logs of the sample temperature changes for greater confidence and control.

Model2 mL Cryovial
Rack Capacity
Can Freeze
Blood Bags?
FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11
(cGMP) Compliant?

Note: The CytoSAVER is not intended for long term sample storage.

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