Cryocell, Controlled Rate Freezer

Cryocell Controlled Rate Freezer

  • Great for iPS and ES Cells!

  • Programmable for -1°C/min and other profiles to reach -80°C without liquid nitrogen

  • Compact design suitable for individual benchtop use small enough to fit in a biosafety cabinet

  • High viability cryopreservation of cell samples

  • Employs a Stirling Cooler refrigeration unit

No liquid nitrogen or additional refrigerants are required
• Employs a free piston Stirling Cooler System, which does not require to add
refrigerants such as liquid nitrogen to the system
• Reduces the running cost drastically

Compact design, approx. height 16″  x  width 12.5 x depth 8.5″  (excluding handle)
• Lightweight with compact design for individual benchtop use
• Can be placed on a safety cabinet or biological isolator

Removable sample freezing block
• Sample blocks are replaceable
• Custom design of the block is available

Data management on a PC
• Custom freezing profile can be configured
• Temperature can be monitored and recorded on a PC
• Monitoring of temperature at three points, at top of the rack, bottom and sample.

Optional heater is available
• Shorten the time to set the system temperature to the room temperature.  Not for sample thawing.

Lowest Temperature: -80°C

Power: AC 100-240 V/50-60 Hz

Temperature Control: PID Control

Refrigeration Unit: Stirling Cooler

External Size: H 16″  x  W 12.5″ x D 8.5″  (excluding handle)

Number of Housing Blocks: 1

Communication Port: RS232C (Freezer) USB (PC)

Electric Consumption: 200 W

Weight: 12.7 kg

Required Attachments: Laptop Computer (Included)

Examples of Freezing Blocks

pr1 Blood Bags with Cassette
Total capacity: 50 mL
plate1 Cryovials & Plates for Straws
plate2 Cryovials (2 mL x 55 pcs)
Sample capacity: 1.0 mL

Our typical Cryocell model has a capacity of 55 cryogenic vials (0.5-2 mL size) with up to 1 mL sample volume.  Other models are available which expand the capacity of the Cryocell System to 100 samples with 1 liter for the total sample volume. Custom sizes and designs are available at no additional charge. Please contact us today for more information on how we can customize your needs.