Controlled-Rate Freezers

Cryocell Controlled Rate Freezer

  • Controlled-rate freezing

  • Liquid nitrogen free

  • Portable

  • Customizable freeze blocks

The Controlled-Rate Freezer is a system that can cryopreserve your cells and maintain a high cellular viability via controlled-rate freezing. The compact benchtop system is simply plugged into a standard wall outlet and connected to a designated laptop via a USB cable. A custom freezing protocol can be easily programmed with the included software. Cell samples are then loaded into the custom aluminum freezer block (able to accommodate vials or straws) or an ethanol bath (compatible with vial racks or cryo bags) within the system and are then ready for cryopreservation. The powerful Stirling engine cools the cells in a controlled manner per the programmed protocol down to a maximum of -80°C without the use of liquid nitrogen. Readings from 3 temperature sensors within the Cryocell are automatically recorded in an available PDF report.  A built-in heater restores the freezer block to room temperature in preparation for the next cell cryopreservation protocol, increasing cryogenic storage throughput. Be advised, cells should not be thawed with the heater function, as this may affect viability.

  • Controlled-Rate Freezing
    Maintain high cell viability with this unique freezer. Cryopreservation is optimized due to the programmable controlled freezing rate this system is capable of. A very user-friendly interface allows custom freezing protocols to be programmed and cells to be preserved immediately. Simply program, place your vials and preserve.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Free
    Always be ready to preserve your cells and enjoy extremely low running costs thanks to the strong Stirling Cooler within the Cryocell. Liquid Nitrogen will not be necessary with the Cryocell system. The freedom from Liquid Nitrogen allows more resources and effort to be focused on the cells and tests in the lab. Scheduling and paying for Liquid Nitrogen deliveries each week will not be part of your efficient cryopreservation work in the lab with the Cryocell.
  • Portable
    Many freezers require a moving team to relocate and a large space to house. The Cryocell occupies minimal floor or bench space, despite its strong cryopreservation performance. The standard system also weighs in at only 12.7 kgs  (27.9 lbs) and is outfitted with a large handle to ease portability. Movement of the system to a collaborator’s lab or into the field allows diverse applications for cryopreservation needs.
  • Customizable Freeze Blocks
    Efficient heat transfer is essential for effective cell cryopreservation. Our systems are outfitted with freeze blocks machined to the users’ exact vial size and type to achieve this. Other models of the Cryocell utilize an ethanol bath that an entire vial rack (or 2) can fit within to increase throughput.

Examples of Freezing Blocks

pr1Blood Bags with Cassette
Total capacity: 50 mL
plate1Cryovials & Plates for Straws
plate2Cryovials (2 mL x 55 pcs)
Sample capacity: 1.0 mL

Lowest Temperature-80°C
PowerAC 100-240 V/50-60 Hz
Temperature ControlPID Control
Refrigeration UnitStirling Cooler
External SizeH 16″ x W 12.5″ x D 8.5″ (excluding handle)
Number of Housing Blocks1
Communication PortRS232C (Freezer) USB (PC)
Electric Consumption200 W
Weight12.7 kg
Required AttachmentsLaptop Computer

Our typical Cell Freezer model has a capacity of 55 cryogenic vials (0.5-2 mL size) with up to 1 mL fill volume.  Other models are available which expand the capacity of the Cell Freezer System to 100 samples with 1 liter for the total sample volume. Custom sizes and designs are available at no additional charge. Please contact us today for more information on how we can customize your needs.