Stretch Patterns

The Cell Stretching System is a powerful tool for researchers to study cell behavior in response to mechanical stimuli. With its ability to generate up to 64 configurable stretch patterns, it allows researchers to investigate a wide range of mechanical stimuli on cells, including stretch ratio and frequency.

The system comes pre-programmed with eight configurations for each of the two stretch parameters: stretch ratio and stretch frequency. 

  • Stretch Ratio: The stretch ratio can be set to 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%, 15%, or 20%, with a maximum stretch of 20%.
  • Stretch Frequency: 
    • Cyclic Mode (Sine Wave) at 10, 15, 30, or 60 cycles/min
    • Continuous Mode (Square Wave)  at 1, 10, or 20 cycles/min
    • Sustained Mode (Static Stretch) Holds at a fixed stretch indefinitely
Stretch Ration Illusjtration

Note: Unless otherwise requested, Strex will program standard parameters appropriate for the given cell lines to be employed in the prospective research. However, custom programmed combinations (of eight non-standard configurations) are also available for users who request this option. Please contact Strex with inquiries about customized configurations.

Cyclic Stretching

Cyclic stretching is one of the most commonly used types of mechanical stimulation. With the Cell Stretching System, two-cycle patterns can be configured, defined by differing wave patterns. One is a sustained full stretch, while the other is a gradual stretch-release cycle. The system also includes examples of continuous stretching for researchers to explore.


In summary, the Cell Stretching System is a versatile tool for researchers studying cell behavior in response to mechanical stimuli. With its configurable stretch patterns, researchers can investigate a wide range of stretch ratios and frequencies, including cyclic stretching. Customized configurations are also available upon request.

Stretching Examples


Strex Cell Stretching System Default Patterns

Strex Cell Stretching System Custom Patterns