Microscope-Mountable Uniaxial Stretching Systems

STB-150W (Double Motor)

Stretches from both sides of the chamber to enable cells to remain inside the viewing area at 10x magnification in real time. In order to capture an image at maximum resolution (up to 40x), the motor must be turned off briefly.


STB-150W – Main Unit


STB-150W – Control Unit

STB-150W on EtaLuma Microscope

Mounted STB-150W close-up


The STB-150 enables observation of morphological changes and ion dynamics of cells under the stress of mechanical stretching. The main stretch unit mounts directly on the microscope stage, while the controller directs the stretch unit to apply the desired automated mechanical stretch stimulus on the cells under observation.

STB-150 Main Unit/Control Unit

System ConfigurationSystem Specification
Main Unit: Compatible with Nikon and Olympus (standard). Optional support for Ziess and Leica.
Control Unit: Actuates the main unit to implement the desired stretching pattern Cell-stretching functionality for one cell culture and assay environments (optional)
STB-150 and STB-150W: Employs 1 cm² chambers
Stretching patterns: up to 64 patterns
Stretch direction: uniaxial