Automated Cell Stretching System STB-1400

Highly versatile standard cell stretching system

  • Capable of stretching cells in culture: functions by applying a stress load to cells growing in the CO2 incubator.
  • Simultaneously stretches cells in multiple chambers to enable comparison between samples.
  • The system’s mechanical stretching unit operates inside the CO2 incubator, while the control unit is established outside.
  • Detachable stretch chamber mounting unit can be transferred to a clean bench, enabling aseptic operations.

Automated-Cell-Stretching-System-STB-140Main Unit

Two versions of the main stretch unit are available, depending on the size of the stretch chamber to be employed: 4 cm2, 10 cm2. The smaller 4 cm2 version supports up to 8 chambers in parallel, whereas the 10 cm2 version supports up to 6. The larger 10 cm2 chambers are best suited to biochemical research such as gene and protein expression.


A pre-programmed one—chip microcomputer is embedded into the controller. The stretch ratio and stretch frequency (the stretch pattern) can be configured using the DIP switch on the controller.* The controller also regulates the flow of
water that cools the main motor driving the stretch unit.

System ConfigurationSystem Specification
Stretching System Main Unit:
STB-1400-04 (for 4 cm² stretch chambers)
STB-1400-10 (for 10 cm² stretch chambers)
Control Unit: Generates stretching patterns and regulates motor cooling
Cables: The main stretching unit and the controller are connected by signal
cable bundled with the tubing used for water cooling the main unit motor.
Coolant tank and coolant tube
STB-1400-04: Uses 4 cm² chambers, supports up to 8 units
STB-1400-10: Uses 10 cm² chambers, supports up to 6 units.
Detachable stretch chamber mounting unit can be covered with a lid and placed in a culture plate.
Stretching patterns: up to 64 patterns
Stretch direction: uniaxial
Stretching ratio: up to 20%