High Throughput & Long Term Cell Stretching

Automated Cell Stretching System STB-1400

  • Capable of stretching cells in culture; functions by applying a stress load to cells growing in a CO2 incubator.
  • Simultaneously stretches cells in multiple chambers to enable comparison between parallel samples.
  • The system’s mechanical stretching unit operates inside an incubator, while the control unit is placed outside.
  • The detachable stretch chamber mounting unit can be transferred to a clean bench, enabling aseptic operations.

Main Unit

Two versions of the main stretch unit are available, depending on the size of the stretch chamber desired: 4 cm2 or 10 cm2. The smaller 4 cm2 version supports up to 8 chambers in parallel, whereas the 10 cm2 version supports up to 6. The larger 10 cm2 chambers are best suited for biochemical research such as gene and protein expression.

Control Unit

A pre-programmed one-chip microcomputer is embedded into the controller. The stretch ratio and stretch frequency (the stretch pattern) can be configured using the DIP switch on the controller. The controller also regulates the flow of water that cools the main motor driving the stretch unit. The cooling feature automatically kicks in during long-term experimentation.

System Configuration

Stretching System Main Unit:
STB-1400-04 (for 4 cm² stretch chambers)
STB-1400-10 (for 10 cm² stretch chambers)
Control Unit: Generates stretching patterns and regulates motor cooling.
Cables: The main stretching unit and the controller are connected by signal cable bundled with the tubing used for water cooling the main unit motor.
Coolant tank and coolant tube: Automatically cools the stretching unit during long-term experiments with water.

System Specification

STB-1400-04: Uses 4 cm² chambers, supports up to 8 units
STB-1400-10: Uses 10 cm² chambers, supports up to 6 units.
Detachable stretch chamber mounting unit can be covered with a lid and placed in a culture plate.
Stretching patterns: Up to 64 patterns
Stretch direction: Uniaxial
Stretching ratio: Up to 20%
Stretch chambers: STB-CH-04STB-CH-10STB-CH-1.5STB-CH-0.06, STB-CH4-GP, STB-CH4-G4 (for STB-1400-04 only), STB-CH-4W (for STB-1400-10 only)

High-speed models are available upon request.

Manual Cell Stretching System STB-100

The STB-100 system applies stretching and compression force to cells, but it is manually operated. It is used for evaluative purposes in considering the introduction of a fully automated stretching system, such as the STB-1400. The manual system employs the same chambers as the STB-1400 system. Two versions are available, depending on the size of the stretch chamber desired.

Conducting observations using the STB-100 under a microscope: To capture images under a microscope, fix the chamber in with the device in a flipped position, opposite to the normal orientation.

System Configuration

Main Stretch Unit:
STB-100-04 (for 4 cm2 chambers)
STB-100-10 (for 10 cm2 and multi-well chambers)


Note: Cells should be cultured by placing the stretch system into a culture plate.

System Specification

Stretch ratio: Up to 20% max. Each turn of the dial increases the ratio by 0.5 mm (equating to a 2.5% increase for the STB-100-04 system and 1.6% for the STB-100-10).
Stretch direction: Uniaxial
Stretch chambers: STB-CH-04STB-CH-10, STB-CH4-G4 (for STB-100-04 only), STB-CH-4W (for STB-100-10 only)