Cell Pressure Systems

Pneumatic Pressurizing System, AGP-1000



Simplified system

The pressure chamber (outside dimensions (L) 16 cm x (W) 16 cm x (H) 10 cm) has an inlet and outlet valve for gas exchange. It is to be placed inside an incubator for longer experiments as there is no temperature control. The pressure regulator is to be hooked up to a pre-mixed CO2 tank (not included).


System ConfigurationSystem Specification
Control box, pressure chamber and pressure regulator.Settings: Continuous and cyclic mode.
Stimulation Pressure:
0- 200 mmHg with 7.6 mmHg incremental settings.

Electric and Pressure Stimulation System

pressurizing-system-front-and-back-view pressurizing-system-spider

Applies simultaneous electric stimulation and pressure for inducing muscle contraction in a cyclic manner.

System is connected to a CO2 tank (not included) and a source of electric current (also not included).