Case Studies

Welcome to our hub where we spotlight the practical advantages of our cell stretching systems and cell freezers. Here, we’re all about showcasing how our technology simplifies the complex, making it easier for you to uncover crucial insights. Dive into interviews and case studies, each revealing how our systems empower you to explore the inner workings of cells with precision and ease. From understanding cellular mechanics to preserving vital samples, our high-quality equipment ensures that your research stays at the forefront of scientific discovery. Join us on this journey of exploration and practical innovation as we highlight the tangible benefits that our tools bring to your lab work.

Strex Systems Help Provide Insights into Gut Muscle Mechanical Forces in Tissue Regenerative Medicine

Details research on gut muscle forces for tissue regeneration using the Strex ST-1400 Cell Stretching System, essential for advancements in regenerative medicine.

The Strex Cell Stretching System Helps Advance Research on Space Flight Muscle Atrophy

Texas A&M’s Redox Biology Lab revolutionizes space flight muscle atrophy research using the Strex ST-1400 Cell Stretching System, crucial for understanding muscular changes in astronauts during extended space missions.

Developing Christmas Trees with the Help of the CytoSAVER Controlled-Rate Freezer

The Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia enhances Christmas tree breeding with the CytoSAVER Controlled-Rate Freezer, improving cryopreservation efficiency and advancing balsam fir traits for the ideal holiday tree.