This is Strex’s automated cell stretching system, which includes the main unit and a control unit. It is most commonly used in mechanotransduction and stretching experiments. This versatile setup with separate stretching and control units allows for the stretching machine to be placed inside an incubator, while the control unit is placed outside, combining for a small footprint.

This is a complete setup of the Stretching system, with all of the wires plugged in. Be sure to plug the correct wires into the correct ports and take precautions while handling them. The main unit is connected to the control unit by the connector port, and also features an inlet and outlet valves for cooling. Strex devices are used with the cell culture chambers, made from a highly flexible and resilient PDMS material, allowing for repeated extension and compression. Cells can be easily cultured following plasma treatment of the chambers, allowing for adhesion of the cells to the chambers.

To attach the chambers, simply push them into the pins that are present to hold them in place. Power the stretching device by turning on the control unit. To choose a parameter, use the left digit to control the frequency, and the right digit to control the stretch ratio. 8 patterns for each lead to a total of 64 patterns. Preprogrammed functionality saves users valuable time.

Overall, the STB-1400 is a versatile stretching machine, allowing researchers to culture cells while simultaneously conducting stretch experiments. Its got a low carbon footprint and a user-friendly experience!