Last Updated on April 1, 2022

Strex STB 1400 Overview

This is Strex’s automated cell stretching system, which includes the main unit and a control unit. It can be used for mechanotransduction experiments or stretching cells. This versatile setup has separate units that allow you to place the machine inside an incubator while placing the control outside-a great way to minimize space.

The main unit connects to our control unit by its connector port and also features an inlet and outlet valves for cooling. Strex devices are used with cell culture chambers which are made of PDMS material that’s very flexible- allowing it to be stretched repeatedly without compromising its integrity-and are resilient too; cells can be cultured easily following plasma treatment on these chambers, giving rise to adhesion between cells and the chamber walls.

To attach the chambers, simply push them into the pins that are present to hold them in place. Powering this system is easy- just turn on the control unit! Select a parameter by using your left digit to change frequency and right digit for time ratio. 8 patterns lead up to 64 settings, with pre-programmed functionality saving you valuable time!

The Cell Stretching System, STB-1400, makes it possible to conduct experiments and culture cells simultaneously, making this a versatile stretching machine. It has a low carbon footprint and is user-friendly!