Today we’re gonna cover the features of the Cryocell FZ-2000, a liquid nitrogen-free controlled rate freezer and one of our most popular products!

Controlled rate freezing is the method of slowly freezing cells or samples to long term storage temperatures, around -80 while maintaining viability. Non-controlled options like liquid nitrogen or using a Mr. Frosty can cause contamination, damaged cells from ice crystals and lead to inconsistent freezing when preserving a large number of samples. Precious cells in a controlled manner can prevent a lot of issues from stemming later on.

With the actual device, included are the necessary cables, an external temperature sensor, and the freezer itself. The software needed for running protocols is preloaded onto a USB stick, and we recommend copying it onto your PC before using the freezer. This particular model is custom made to accommodate about 50 1-2 mL cryotubes. Strex will custom manufacture Cryocells compatible with any size cryotubes, vials, and bags you might have.

To begin a freezer protocol, ensure that all connections are secured, and power on the switch on the rear end of the unit. Boot up the Strex Freezer control software. Should you receive an error message, check the connections once again and ensure that you are not running the software from the USB stick.

To select a program, either open a preloaded one or create and save a new protocol. Sample and dummy sample IDs can be recorded in the software to keep track of large quantities. Once a program is chosen, hit the start freeze button. You’ll know that the freeze cycle has started when you see the light interface change on the freezer. As the freezer begins to cool, the software should output the sample temperature through the external probe, the temperature of the plate and the head. An hour into this sample protocol, we see that the temperature is steadily decreasing.

At the end of the protocol, the freezer software can generate a PDF report for record-keeping. Be sure to start the warming cycle once you have removed your samples for long term storage and ready the freezer for another cycle. Samples should not be thawed with the heater function as this may affect viability.

Overall, the Cryocell is a liquid nitrogen-free controlled rate freezer, reducing the risk of contamination, allows for an easy and hazard-free freezing process, thus saving your precious samples, time and money. Available in two sizes, the Cryocell can accommodate a multitude of cryovials, tubes, and bags. With a programmable freeze down cycle, you’re given control over your sample viability, and you don’t need to worry about large liquid nitrogen tanks.