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Cell Stretching Systems

As a mechanobiology researcher, you understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to set up your in vitro stretch experiments to model in vivo conditions. With Strex’s innovative Cell Stretching Systems, analyzing cellular and molecular responses to stretch forces is simple, rigorous, and reproducible. From cardiomyocytes and smooth muscle cells to osteocytes and endothelial cells, the Strex Cell Stretching Systems are your partner in unlocking the mechanical strain secrets of your cells.

Things to consider when setting up a stretch experiment

In our comprehensive guide, discover great ways to get your crucial stretch experiments off the ground so you can start modeling biological conditions and collecting valuable data fast.

Cell Pressure Systems

Start discovering how your cells behave under in vivo hydrostatic pressures in no time. With the Strex Cell Pressure Systems, you can skip the frustration of troubleshooting and tinkering with your cell pressurization project design. Apply pneumatic pressure to cultured cells of any type: whether endothelial or epithelial, smooth muscle, renal, hepatic, or cardiovascular, you can ensure the consistency of your pressurization experiments with fully automated plug-and-play systems that are customizable to your specific needs.

See the cell pressure system in action

Find out how you can model physiological conditions of your epithelial, endothelial, renal, and other cell types with the best tools for researching in vivo mechanical strain and hydrostatic pressure.

Pressure system for cell culture

Cell and Tissue Cryopreservation

Looking to maintain the viability of your cells during the cryopreservation process? The Strex CytoSAVER is your ideal tool for controlled-rate, liquid nitrogen-free freezing stem cells, immune cells, blood samples, or any other sample type in your biobank. Save precious space in your lab and find peace of mind with real-time temperature reporting. Then, transport your samples for hours to long-term storage or ship them to collaborators in the handy CryoTrack Sample Transport Series. With Strex, cryopreservation is easy!

See how researchers are leveraging Strex cryopreservation tools to freeze cells

Inspired by easy and consistent long-term freezing of your valuable cells to keep them viable? Our application note on iPSC-derived cardiomyocyte cryopreservation will help you get your freezing protocols up and running in no time.

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