Cell Stretching

Accessible solutions to induce cyclic cell stretching.
High-throughput and microscope-mountable applications.

Controlled Rate Freezers

Programmable LN2-free systems.
Maintain high cell viability for cryostorage.

Strex is a leading manufacturer of mechanical stress-inducing instruments for tissue and cell samples. As well as a benchtop cell freezing device to preserve precious cell samples.

Strex manufactures innovative biological research instruments. Such as our most popular product, the Cell Stretching System for cell culture and uniaxial stretch, model STB-1400. The system mimics mechanical cell strain in cell cultures, as a result, it creates an environment like in vivo conditions. The most common cell or tissue types applied are: endothelial cells, cardiomyocyte, blood vessel tissue, heart tissue, bladder tissue and lung tissue/cells.

Strex provides microscope-mountable systems for single cell observation under stretching conditions, a biaxial strain system, and a manual stretching system. Strex also manufactures other physiological stimulation instruments, such as an electric stimulation system, a hydrostatic pressurizing system, and a pneumatic pressurizing systmem.

Recently, we launched a benchtop controlled rate freezer. It freezes down cells at a controlled rate, minimizing damage by the freezing process to the most precious cells. The Cryocell system allows to freeze samples down to -80°C WITHOUT refrigerants such as liquid nitrogen or alcohol. Normal range of cell survival rate is about 95 to 99%. The survival rate will vary depending on the type of cells, we obtained these values on embryonic stem cells, iPS cells, sperm, and oocyte.

Established in Osaka, Japan in 2003, Strex launched US operation in San Diego, CA in 2015.